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Clean and clear face.


Facial rejuvenation treatments to:

  • smooth frown lines and forehead lines
  • reduce crows feet and squint lines
  • uplift down turned corners of the mouth
  • eliminate "bunny" lines on either side of the nose
  • treat puckering of the chin

Facial enhancement treatments to:

  • create an enhanced natural lip border
  • produce a lip pout

Facial corrective treatments to:

  • reduce lines around the mouth
  • reduce lines running from base of the nose to corner of mouth
  • reduce scars
  • reduce frown and forehead lines


  • To reduce underarm sweating


Below are some of the most state of the art treatment modalities available at our clinic:

Please contact info@botox2day.com If you require further information on any of the above. Or go to www.tang.uk.com

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